Why Choose B.Sc. Courses at PIET NCR College

Why Choose B.Sc. Courses at PIET NCR College

Are you from a science background at your intermediate level? Then most probably you must have appeared for JEE or NEET right? It might have been possible for some students who have wished for pursuing engineering or medicine, but in some cases, more than half of the students prefer science in their +2 because they have scored excellent marks in matriculation. But after 12th, they are left with no choice rather than appearing for these examinations just for their better prospects of a career.

Though there are limited seats and everyone is not that lucky enough to block their seats in the government college. In general, this is how they end up pursuing basic sciences at PIET NCR College.


Let us break a myth. BSc is not marketed well so B.Sc. doesn’t appear like a lucrative course. Just ask a question to yourself today: Why did you sit for JEE? Does engineering fascinate you or you just simply wanted to get a job? I must say that the only degree of an MBBS can’t assure a great future.

You are right if you are choosing a 3-year, flexible course by over beating yourself to crack an entrance exam. Those exams are only for getting entrance to a college, but only entrance can’t make your career.


Our nation is facing a shortage of researchers and scientists. To tackle this problem, the government is even incentivizing students for motivating the students who give up medical and engineering and started pursuing basic or pure science. There is numerous availability of government scholarships as well at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and research level.

At present, you could also be eligible for the Scholarship for Higher Education, offered by the Department of Science and Technology.


Life if a science student is always busy. Pursuing Science from PIET NCR COLLEGE is as hectic as engineering or medicine. There are scheduled classes starting from 9:30 am to 5 pm, along with long practicals, and unending file work troubles a BSc student from the beginning of the session. Still, if you look at it a bit more closely, you’ll soon realize the improvements in your proficiency, multi-tasking, and time management skills!


May it sound weird, but it is okay to be clueless even after joining the course. Discovering is a process to know what interests you and science is never a bad option to try. You have the edge of PIET NCR COLLEGE which gets operated under the aegis of the VIDYAPEETH EDUCATION TRUST and, is affiliated to the Kurukshetra University which offers you the opportunity to acquire new skills that are always just around the corner. There is all type of people, one who pursue post-graduation in sciences, and the one who leave the field to enter others.

Interest is the most crucial thing which matters in completing the beauty of science. Yes, most of the time it happens that things do not work out at times, the schedule gets hectic and each day brings forth new challenges. But here you should not get rid of but should learn, unlearn, or discover a lot of things, at the end of the day, it’ll be worthy.

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