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Declamation Competition

PIET NCR COLLEGE Organized a ‘Declamation Contest on 29 March, 2024 on the Topic

VIKSIT BHARAT @ 2047: ROLE OF YOUTH. The students of PIET NCR COLLEGE participated with a lot of enthuisms. The students presented their views on the concept of VIKSIT BHARAT.This Declamation contest helps the students to enhance their skills in expression and dialogue delivery. It was learning experience for all students of PIET NCR three COLLEGE. The Best speakers for the speech competition for securing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Position as such:

1st Position– Ritu – B.A Economics 2nd year

2nd Position– Shruti B.Com final year

3rd Position– Aradhya B.A English 2nd year

The winners were awarded with Trophies and certificates from college Management for their outstanding performance. The Event was graced by principal of PIET NCR COLLEGE Dr. Deepak Raj along with otherfaculty members. The overall execution of event was managed jointly by flead of Department of Commerce, Economics and English: Dr. Meenakshi Makkar, Ms. Parul Mishra and Dr. Shweta Joon. Overall it was a great learning

experience for the students.

The Department of English at PIET NCR COLLEGE organized a “Student Seminar” on 14 March, 2024, on the topic “English Literary History: From Classic to Contemporary Age” and we saw wonderful PowerPoint presentations from multifarious topics ranging from Greek myths, Renaissance, Romanticism to Modern and Post Modern Age. The students also presented their views on canonical texts like, Waiting for Godot, Daughter of the Sun, Lady of Shallot, The paradise Lost, Bhagavat Geeta and many others. It was really delightful and enlightening to see students of BA English Hons. to come up with such varied topics and the enthusiasm and confidence of the presenters was top notch. It was a learning experience for all these and also for the rest who attended the event with much fervor and eagerness to learn. The multifaceted literary texts and concepts elevated the academic level of the students to next level. The best two presenters not only were recognized but also given cash prizes as a reward for their exemplary performance.

The event witnessed two winners from B.A. English Hons. securing 1st and 2nd positions as such:

1st Position – Nikita Shandilya – 3rd Year 

2nd Position – Aradhana – 2nd Year 

The winners were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 500/- from the college management as a token of reward for their outstanding performance. The event was graced by the Principal of PIET NCR COLLEGE, Dr. Deepak Raj, along with other faculty members. The overall execution of the event was managed jointly by the Head of English Department, Dr. Shweta Saroha and Ms. Richa and Ms. Anjali, Assistant Professors in the Department of English. Dr. Manish Mor, Assistant Professor, Department of Business studies, Dr. Preeti Gugnani, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, and Dr. Aadil Muzafar, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities graced the occasion and consented to judge the students on various parameters. They also gave the students some meaningful insights on literary studies and presentation skills.