B.A. (Economics Hons.)

B.A. Economics Hons. is a Four years undergrad course divided into six semesters? This course is suited for students who seek a future for their careers in economics. It helps as a foundation course for career programs like MBA.

It is a subject designed for future entrepreneurs teaching them about how the economy works.

Program Objective

The B.A. Economics (Hons.) program is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of economic principles, theories, and their applications. It aims to equip students with analytical skills and knowledge to address complex economic issues, preparing them for careers in academia, industry, government, and international organizations.

Career Opportunities

The program prepares students for a variety of career paths, including but not limited to:

  • Academia and Research: Positions in universities, think tanks, and research institutions.
  • Finance and Banking: Roles in investment banking, commercial banking, financial analysis, and risk management.
  • Public Sector: Opportunities in government agencies, public policy organizations, and international bodies like the IMF and World Bank.
  • Corporate Sector: Employment in business consulting, corporate strategy, and market analysis.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Roles in economic development, program evaluation, and policy advocacy.

Higher secondary examination certificate with a minimum of 50%.

The course fee for B.A. Economics Hons.at PIET-NCR College is INR 52,000 per annum. There are tuition fee waiver schemes for scholars.

Yearly campus placements are conducted at PIET-NCR College for ensuring a greater future for the students.


What are the subjects taught in BA ECO Hons.?

The curriculum is designed in such a way that provides students with a deep understanding of Economy works in progressive way. The subjects include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public economics, Development and planning, Mathematics, Statistics, Comparitive Economic Study, Sectoral development, and History of Economics.

What are the trends of employment after Eco hons degree?

There is a lot of scope of student who wants to secure a job in the field of Basic analysis. The companies in the sector of finance, banking and insurance provide great opportunities. For a senior scale analyist the student needs to persuade a professional course in analytics or a master’s degree in Economics/ Advance Economics/ Monetary Economics/ Data Analytics or Business analystics etc.

What are the extra-curricular activites provided by the college to develop student?

Apart from the curriculum, the students are provided with enough exposure through various seminars, presentation competition, guidance session, Activites relating to Indian Economy etc. The college is well-equipped with infrastructure to provide student with such opportutnity.

Can a student persue a management course after Eco Hons degree?

Yes, he/she can, with the current trends in recruitement it makes a great option for he economics graduate to persue a Management degree as of today the recruiters demands the employee to undertstand the economy in great manner.

Do degree in economics gives any kind of extra edge?

Indeed it does, after learning about economics it lets the student develop creative and analytical thinking. The student can relate every topic in real life. As we all know- “Economics is - what it does”. It’s a skill which is required in every field of work.