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UDAAN –The Flight to Success (2019)

The four year long journey in a college is no way an ordinary journey, in every possible sense of the word; this journey shapes not just the future of candidate but the future of their families and even nation. Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology is not just an institution but a home away from home, dedicatedly working towards building future of many and for many.

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is working hard to fulfill all these objectives. Hence as per the guidelines of AICTE the Department organized three weeks long Induction Program, titled as UDAAN-The Flight to Success, to allow the students some time to adapt to their changing lives, their changing routines and changing responsibilities. The department considers the holistic development of students of utmost importance and the pool of excellent faculty puts up all possible efforts for the same. UDAAN is not just an ordinary event for the department; it is one of those indegenous programs of the department which stays awaited throughout the year. Every year the event is celebrated under different themes like ‘PEACE AND HARMONY’, ‘UNITY IN DIVERSITY’. Following its legacy of raising a social issue the theme of the ‘UDAAN-2K19’ was ‘MAJESTIC MOTHERS

Day1 -1st Aug 2019

The department very happily and enthusiastically welcomed its students. Following it’s tradition of inculcating and instilling values in the students, the day began with Morning Prayer. The new batch was taken for campus and hostel visit in different groups to make them acquainted with their surroundings and to help them to feel at home. And like every home has certain rules and code of conduct to be followed so does PIET, Students were informed about such code of conduct and their importances while their stay in PIET.

Day2-2nd Aug2019

Day two began with the traditional morning prayer and proceeded towards its objectives of changing everything tough for students to everything easy, from everything boring to everything interesting, from everything they run from to everything they run for and to do so motivational lecture were delivered by different faculties.

Day 3-05th Aug 2019

On day three, PIET  very proudly welcomed Mr. Surya Narain Bahadur, a renowned Transformation Enabler Resource Person & Corporate Trainer at Confluence Training and Development, for enlightening students to show them the way towards a better and brighter future.

Day 4-06th Aug 2019

The very next day of UDAAN started with the very objective of giving wings to the students for a comfortable flight towards success and to help us do so, Surya sir trained them with occupational skills, standard operation procedure, self confidence and self discipline, growth mind set and the culture of accountability.

Day 5-07th Aug 2019

Department of ASH used the opportunity to target and overcome one of the most prominent problems being faced by the students by helping them learn” how to learn” with Acharya Pawan who not only motivated the students but also taught them tricks for better memorization . With the end of the session, the institute, the department with all its staff and students felt honored with an opportunity to honor the mothers of all the toppers of the department with a PPT, a trophy and a sapling as a token of love.

Management members preceded the event with honorable chairman, Sh. Hari Om Tayal ji telling the students about moral values and their importance in life, about how PIET is no less than a house of morals with a strong foundation at its base. He taught students the way to choose the right goals and to achieve them rightly. Mr. Rakesh Tayal, member BOG, discussed and informed students about latest uptrend learning Technology as Flipped –Learning (is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering the instructional content, outside of the classroom),Blended Learning and Classroom 2020. He

Director, Dr. Shakti Kumar, introduced the students with Revolution 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution and updated students with artificial intelligence and various projects going on in the college related to the same.

Dr. Vinay Khatri, Head, Dept. App. Sc. & Hum. Welcomed the new entrants and introduced the students to members of faculty.

In the evening, the institute enthusiastically welcomed the young inspiration, the talk of the town, the voice behind many smiles, RJ Sayema, who motivated the students to take the lead of their lives in their own able hands. Along with that she encouraged the students to be aware of the social issues and to take initiative to solve them.

Day 6-08th Aug 2019

The next day of orientation focused upon empowering the students by introducing them with concepts like Mtutor and Detrion (for Technical training), further a lecture was organized to impart firefighting skills to face any fire accidents .

Remaining days of induction were a beautiful amalgamation of teaching, personality development and physical activities. Students had their days divided with four hours every day dedicated towards learning basic concepts of every subject and three hours of extra activities ranging from personality development, communication skills, yoga and sports activities. Besides all these everyday activities there was a three day entrepreneur awareness camp sponsored by DST to give students an edge in entrepreneurial skills. A well organized trip to Nainital was open to all the students; it was an unforgettable one with breathtakingly beautiful camp sites, trekking activities and bonfire. It not only allowed the students to have some fun but also some time alone with the nature, away from their everyday mundane lives.

And hence a remarkable journey of 2019-20 begins with a new batch …